A Guide To Different Types Of Jogger Pants

A Guide To Different Types Of Jogger Pants

Jogger pants, sometimes called sweat pants, are a type of athletic wear that are designed to help relieve chafing and blistering around the lower legs and mid-section while also providing increased comfort and breathability. What are they, you asked? Well, jogger pants are generally classified as any pair of jeans that feature plastic zippers along the ankle. While they aren’t exactly a fashion trend, they are a comfortable and stylish alternative to the typical gym wear.

As jogger pants were worn primarily by athletes, it’s not surprising that the material they’re made out of is quite different from your run-of-the-mill sweatpants. Most joggers are made from a material known as “thermoplastic,” which means it contains plastic or metal fill that forms an elastic band used to hold in moisture. This allows the wearer’s feet to breathe and stay cool without becoming too hot. Depending on the material and manufacturer, there can be as many as four or five layers of thermoplastic, although a single pair typically only features two layers.

The other layer is made of denim, and this is what provides the stretch and comfort when wearing a pair of jogger pants. A denim weave fabric is woven tight, just like your typical pair of jeans, but the extra-fill of the material allows it to move better than other materials, creating a tighter, more elongated fit. Since the denim acts as a heat sponge, this means it keeps you much warmer when you wear your jogging pants than typical sports wear. Because of its ability to stretch, the fit remains relatively comfortable throughout the day, even in the heat.

The final layer is usually a polyester poly blend. These jogging pants come in a variety of bright colors, including blues, pinks, reds, greens, yellow and orange. Some pairs feature contrasting colors available as an option, or as a standard. While these particular pairs tend to be thicker than other pairs, they still provide a comfortable fit with plenty of stretch. They do not, however, have the built-in flexibility of other materials like Lycra. Instead, they are made with a combination of polyester and denim.

When looking for the best fit and look, it is important to consider the fabric used. The most popular types of jogger pants are those that are made from New York Cloth, which is a fine, lightweight fabric that is very breathable. It is available in both light-weight options, like the Nylon & Spandex HIP Jeans, and heavy-duty models like the Nylon & Spandex Core PowerDry Jeans. Both styles are designed to keep body heat in, which is important during those chilly winter days.

Another option in jogging pants is the Nylon & Spandex Elastic Jeans, which provide an almost cookie-cutter fit with elastic hip cuffs and waistbands. These jogger sweatpants provide an extra layer of protection against moisture, as they can help wick away moisture from your skin. Elastic waistbands are a nice addition because they make the pants much more comfortable to wear.

Another common type of jogger pants are the so-called compression wear joggers. These particular pairs of sweatpants are designed to provide a high amount of compression to the wearer. As a result, it helps to keep your legs, butt and feet warm during any type of activity. Compression wear comes in a variety of forms, including specially designed compression sweatpants and foot warmers.

The final option in jogger pants is the classic denim type. A favorite among men, this style of pant includes elasticized cuffs and elasticized waist bands. Jeans made with high quality denim will typically come up to mid-thigh or even lower. A typical denim Jean may have three or four button fly systems and may feature an optional waistband for extra comfort. While jeans provide plenty of function, it’s also possible to enjoy the visual appeal that goes along with these garments.

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