A Review of the Dickies 874 Straight Fit Work Pants
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A Review of the Dickies 874 Straight Fit Work Pants

In my experience, the Dickies 874 casual pants fit very true to size, though were slightly snug at the waist. Overall, regular size worked well for me, however if you’re between waist sizes, definitely size up. From the leg down through the knee these pants truly have a relaxed fit, which tugs less tightly around your hips. These pants also have another great feature which is the drawstring at the top front of the pants. This not only helps keep out moisture, it also adds another element of comfort to the pants.

The Dickies 874 casual pants offer several great options that make them a truly great choice for all types of occasions. The basic straight leg fit is perfect for summer and for wearing with light, loose tops. For office wear or business casual, I suggest the black, navy, or dark grey colors. I do recommend the tan color as well for wearing in colder months.

The cotton blend used in Dickies 874 work pants is very comfortable to wear. It feels like a very good fit because of the fabric used. It’s not too thick, so it doesn’t feel like you’re being constricted in any way.

The elasticity in the Dickies 874 work pants is excellent. The elasticity is quite good on the waist, as well as the legs. Even when I was wearing a pair of pants that weren’t quite fitting properly, I wasn’t worried about my comfort level as I always thought of these as being a quality item. These are definitely worth trying before you buy a cheaper pair of work pants that do not have the same features.

As I mentioned, the material used in Dickies 874 is quite thick. They make sure that the seams are all finished and even though I personally would rather see a thicker material used in a pair of pants, I can understand that people like the tight, straight fit of the line. In fact, I even have one of these work pants. They are a close fit, but not tight enough that I have to worry about them snagging on anything. I like them so much that I wear them year round, even in the coldest of winter days.

There are a couple of different things that make these pants stand out from other work pants. One of those things is the unique button fly, which is located in the fly of the pants. I love this feature and I think it adds an attractive element to the overall look of the fabric.

The second thing that the Dickies 874 has that others don’t is a very unique fabric line. They use a really nice looking synthetic material in their work pant. It doesn’t feel stiff or scratchy like some other work pant materials that I’ve tried in the past. Instead it feels sort of waxy and smooth.

What I love about the line is that they are both comfortable and functional. The fact that they are made from a very flexible twill fabric means that they can still have the durability that you’d expect from a pair of jeans. This means that you can still get plenty of wear out of them. The straight fit and the durability of the construction make it perfect for anyone who wants a good looking pair of pants fit for a king. If you need a work pant that will hold up through many washings and still look good, then the line of pants fits that bill.

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