Buying High Rise Jeans
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Buying High Rise Jeans

When most people talk about high rise jeans they are really referring to the high top look on skinny jeans. The high rise measurement in skinny jeans is basically the waist line to the thigh seam on the side of the jeans without the pockets. High-rise jeans can be classified as low rise, many style or mock rise. Most men and women who have a normal size have a pair of high-rise jeans in their closet.

Any person with a normal size has a good chance of wearing a pair of high-rise jeans. You will probably wear them more often if you have a short torso body type and you don’t care too much about your fashion. They are nice and give a slimming effect to your figure. If you have a curvy figure with a short torso body type, you may want to avoid high waisted jeans if you don’t want them to end up covering up your waistline. On the other hand if you have a longer torso type and you like the fact that you have a full figured stomach then go ahead and wear high waisted jeans!

The high waisted denim jeans look best on the skinny guy with the short torso. Men with a little bit on leaner frame will usually wear them because they help you get a slimmer look and make the waist area look great. The high waisted denim jeans are also considered a flattering cut for most people, even if it does take some getting used to. The best part is that they usually go well with a button down shirt or a blouse and sometimes a tank top.

Guys with a long torso are really only suited for skinny jeans. You won’t get the same kind of rise with a long torso and they usually don’t button up which can cause them to stick out in the middle of your back. If you do decide to wear these jeans you’ll want to avoid the high waisted styles so that your waistline doesn’t end up being covered up by the Jean fabric.

High rise jeans may fit into any body shape except for the plus size category. These jeans are really popular among the sports fashion crowd and they make great style additions to any wardrobe. Guys with a longer torso usually look good in these jeans because their hip line is right there and the jeans hug the curves of the hips. Women who have a bit on the heavy side but still have a very appealing body shape can look great in the high waisted cut of jeans.

Don’t get caught up on labels when you’re shopping for high waisted jeans because that’s not what they meant when they said “high waisted denim”. Instead, pay attention to what the fabric looks like and how it feels to your skin. The higher the weave of the fabric the softer the fabric is and the more durable the pant will be. Most men in the fashion world confuse the term high waisted denim with skinny jeans or low rise jeans, which are two completely different styles of jeans. They also don’t match.

Once you’ve found a pair of jeans that fit you well, you need to figure out your size measurements. These measurements are typically figured as follows: waist size, hip size, and the distance from your natural waist to the hole where the waistband crosses the top of your hips. For a man these numbers are going to vary slightly because his torso tends to lose shape a bit as he gets older. However, women’s size measurements are generally pretty standard. There are several websites that can help you find your size, and they even have some pants that are made specifically for those with large waist areas. You can use these pants to make your own pair of high waisted denim pants if you don’t feel like buying a new pair.

Once you have your size measurements you should find the websites that offer the pants with the specific fabric that you want. Some of the fabrics that are available include denim, stretch Jean fabric, and preppy fabric. Once you find the right style of high waisted pants for your body type, you can start practicing wearing them to see how comfortable they are and decide whether or not you want to buy the pants.

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