Choosing The Right Women's Snow Pants For The slopes

Choosing The Right Women’s Snow Pants For The slopes

Whether you’re going for a day of skiing or an hour on the slopes, women’s snow pants are a must-have for every woman’s gear. Women’s snow pants are designed differently from men’s. They have extra room in the knees and waist to allow for extra comfort and protection. For added warmth, look for women’s snow pants with double stitching and zippers that run up the side of the pant. If possible, choose winter pants with fleece lining and high-tech fleece-lined zippers. For breathability, go with women’s snow pants with sealed seams and taping all seams to give maximum durability and longevity.

Women’s snow boots are also important to have with your ski pants. Some brands of boots offer some extra features like waterproofing while others don’t. Ski boots with fully sealed seams and high-tech, reinforced uppers are much more durable than traditional boots. These booties offer superior comfort, prevent moisture from getting inside the boot, and will keep feet warm throughout a long day on the slopes. If possible, try to find booties with fleece lining.

Women’s snow pants are also very important for keeping you warm on the slopes. Many skiers opt for breathable ski pants made with Denier polyester or polar fleece. A breathable pair will help you feel better when you’re chipping around on the slopes or sliding on those moguls. At the same time, polyester is a great insulator, which keeps you warmer during the colder months. A light-weight nylon is great for light weight hiking and lightweight skiing. Finally, if you’re looking for insulation, go with a wool or wool skin blend for optimum insulation.

Women’s waterproof apparel is often times sold in pairs called boardshorts. These types of pants work best for people who rarely ski or snowboard and prefer to stay dry all year. These can be found in full-length, knee-length, or racer shorts styles. They’re usually sold with a pair of knee-high socks for maximum warmth. If you live in an area where ice and snow are prevalent, waterproof pants with fur linings may be an ideal choice.

Cold weather makes our legs and feet cold. That’s why we wear warm socks and jackets during winter, and waterproof gloves and boots for the warmest, most enjoyable times of the year. Women’s ski and snow pants are no different. These versatile pieces of apparel are great for any woman who wants to stay cozy, dry and warm during those cold, wet days spent on the slopes. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right women’s snow pants for your next ski trip:

Know Your Snowboarding Snowboard Size. When shopping for women’s ski and snowboard pants, it’s important to know your size. Snowboard pants’ sizes are measured based on a standard size chart. Make sure you have a friend who can measure you for the chart. This will spare you the trouble of running back and forth to the department of sizing.

Know Your Snowboard Skills. Once you’ve got your right women’s ski and snow pants, it’s time to put them to the test on the slopes. Ski and snowboard clothing isn’t designed to stand up to the test of motion. Know your abilities before heading out on the slopes. Wear a pair that fits properly and that you’ll be comfortable in.

Choose Designs That Flatter You. Most ski and snowboard clothing is meant to be multi-functional. It may look great, but there has to be more to it than the obvious? Be aware of the different fabrics and colors that are on the market. If you have a body type that’s more athletic or flexible, choose a pair of pants that work with you and enhance your snowboarding or skiing ability.

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