Expressing Your Style With Sequin Pants

Expressing Your Style With Sequin Pants

One of the more popular trends in fall is wearing sweater dresses paired with cool denim or khaki pants for the holidays. The good thing about this book is the little extra details it pulls off. A pair of lightweight wool cashmere or cotton sequin pants can be layered over a button down blouse for a sophisticated look that works well at any time of the year. Another favorite trick, when it comes to holiday attire, is to substitute that typical, run-of-the-mill sequin pantyhose with a pair of sleek, textured sequin pants, keep your shirt loose, and dress down an old denim shirt, usually a plain navy or white blouse, an oversized sweatshirt, or even a graphic t-shirt. This way you’ll still be comfortable but the little extra surprise will keep people in awe of your fashion-forwardness.

This look works well with almost any other basic pieces of casual clothing. If you’re planning on a heavier layered look, a great option for your sequin pants is a dark wash denim jacket with some intricate embroidery or sequins. The contrasting color of the jacket will draw the eye to the embroidery or sequins in your skirt and pants. You can also layer a solid colored cardigan over the top of your denim bottoms to complete the look.

This is another great option for ladies that want a little bit of a break from the wool blend pants that they are used to. Pair a sleek legging sweater with a pair of skinny jeans (that are perhaps a bit more fitted at the knees), a plain t-shirt, and a v-neck sweater. Although you could do this with any of the previous mentioned items, for fall, the earthy tones of brown, grey, or dark blue are among the most widely available. Pair these tones with a silk or satin slip on, light wash denim trousers, a graphic tee, and some gladiator sandals for an extremely casual but elegant look.

Another option would be to layer a short-sleeved, slightly off-the-shoulder sweater over your leggings. This works especially well if you pair it with a pair of slightly strappy sandals. This look is perfect for the summer because it can be worn both casually and formally. For example, if you were going to a formal evening event, you could toss in a pretty print scarf into the mix. If you were just heading out to a friend’s house, you could tuck in the sweater and t-shirt underneath it.

Pair a cute pair of pink and black sequin pants with an elegant top and a long wool skirt. Wear your wool skirt with a simple blouse. Throw in a pair of hosiery or booties for an extra hint of glamour. This look is great for either the fall or winter months, as the vibrant colors will make your legs look much longer. It also pairs very well with a thick, beaded scarf, especially if you wear one with gold or silver flowers on it.

The perfect pair of denim breeches will give you a casual and yet sophisticated look. They are great for wearing over a sweater in the coldest winter months. Wear them with a button down shirt underneath the breeches for a more dressy look. A great pair of slacks that have a pattern or are in earthy hues will also look great with a sweater and a matching top. You can wear a plaid skirt with these to create a country look.

A short-sleeved pair of denim pants is a timeless favorite. You can team them with almost anything, although dark colors are always the most popular. A vintage lace sweater or cardigan is a great option for this look as well. A colorful pair of blue skinny jeans or a plaid skirt paired with a classic white or cream sweater is a casual but warm look that works well all year long.

Whatever your personal style, there is a pair of sequin pants that will look great with just about anything. If you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for the brightest color available. If you prefer something more subtle, choose a neutral color. Whatever the choice, these gorgeous pants are sure to spark a lot of conversation when you wear them.

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