Hot Pants - Can You Wear Them to Work?

Hot Pants – Can You Wear Them to Work?

Hot pants refer to ultra-short shorts designed for trendy casual wear. The term has been used by Women’s Wear Daily over the past 70 years to describe specially designed shorts made from luxury fabrics like satin and velvet for more fashionable casual wear, and not their more utilitarian counterparts which were usually worn for leisure or sports during the late 1930s. Today the term is applied to any short hemmed item of clothing that can be worn as a top on a hot day. They are particularly popular amongst teenagers who like to wear them to parties, to the gym, for lounging around the house or going out on the town.

Although originally intended as a kind of short casual dress, the term has become so much more. Fashion designers have brought out hot pants with zippers and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are even hot pants with built in bra for those extra snug fit times when a top is not needed. In fact, many hot pants are sleeveless. A modern variation on the theme is the hipster pant, which may be described as a blend of short shorts and loosely fitting denim pant worn by hip hop artists. Another form of this popular fashion is the tattoo pant, which features tattoos along the leg and in some cases covering up the lower part of the thigh.

One of the most popular brands of hot pants is Evidenza, which was founded by Catherine Bach and her husband, Frank Evidenza. The brand was founded on the idea that quality materials would be used to create their line of women’s designer apparel and the company has been successful in accomplishing this goal. Catherine had once worked as a photographer and designer, and she decided that it would be a good idea to open an art gallery in her home so she could display her art to the public. Her husband, Frank, was a successful entrepreneur who happened to notice her work and convinced her to start her own clothing line.

Most hot pants have a zip-front closure and the linings are usually made from acrylic, nylon or polyester. There are also some hot pants that feature a reflective trim on the backside. In addition to coming in various colors, hot pants can come in many different styles and designs. For example, there are hot pants with long or short sleeves and come in a variety of color palettes including pink, black and white. Black is a common color for hot pants, but there are also many other colors and patterns, including light blue, red and green.

Evidenza also offers a line of maternity clothes called Hey Hot Pants. Unlike other maternity clothes Evidenza believes that it is okay to look sexy while you are pregnant and they have created lines of maternity tops, bottoms and jeans that are just as fashionable as the regular Evidenza clothes that are not related to fashion. Evidenza has four types of jeans and two types of tops that are hip hugger. The first type of jeans is called ah-lee-eye and the second is called boot cut.

A few years ago at an event, a reporter was trying to explain why the ladies at an event were wearing hot-pants. She mentioned the dress code that was in place and the reporter looked at one of the women wearing the dress code and said, “You cannot be wearing hot pants.” The reporter was correct, you cannot be wearing short shorts at an event like this. The problem is with the dress code and the way the clothes are designed and the style they are made in; many people think they can look good wearing them and do not conform to the dress code.

The funny part of this whole scenario is that the reporter was trying to explain how a man should not be wearing short shorts to work everyday but somehow she got it wrong. The short shorts are fine for the summer, but they will get dirty in the rain and snow. If the person is wearing short shorts every day to work they will have no defense against the inevitable that happens to them on a daily basis.

The problem really is that the style of these hot pants is fine for wearing to work but not for wearing everyday dress. We are talking about the kind of clothes that you would wear to a formal event or a wedding and not something that you would wear to a casual event like a summer barbecue or a pool party. Short shorts do not fit into any kind of dress code. If you want to look good in hot pants you will have to find another way.

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