How to Choose the Right Men's Pants Sizes

How to Choose the Right Men’s Pants Sizes?

There are a couple of measurements that you can use to determine the width of your hips and the length of your men’s pants. The first, of course, is the crotch circumference. The second is the stride length measurement. These two measurements will help you determine the right fit when purchasing men’s pants for men.

You have three main options when it comes to measuring your hips: tape, centimeters, and inches. Each one is fine for a particular style. However, if you’re looking for the best possible fit, going with the tape measure is usually the best option. This method is more accurate than simply measuring from the back of the pant to the ankles, which can cause inaccuracies.

If you don’t have a tape measure handy, you can still get an idea of how pants fit by looking at how they look on your frame. Pants that are too long will cover your waist or will sit uncomfortably on your hips. Pants that are too short will ride up and make your legs shorter. It’s important to remember that the seat of your inseam is not the same as the length of your leg. If you are unsure of which measurement is most accurate, it’s best to go with the inseam measurement.

For pants sizes that are based on your waist width, a good sizing system is the wearing-in measurement. This is done standing on your front foot and balancing on your toes. The measurement is taken directly above your hipbones. It’s a general rule that pants sizes larger than your inseam should be sized by yourself while pant sizes smaller than your inseam should be sized by a professional tailor.

If you measure either your waist or the distance between your hipbones and the floor, use the next closest size to the correct measurement (remember to add one to the waist measurement and one to the floor measurement). If you measure anywhere else, such as on the back of your leg, you’re guessing. Use the largest measurement to get the right fit.

Your inseam is probably the easiest part of the leg to take measurements. Stand straight with your legs apart at the hipbones with your hands at midpoint. Pull your waist band up in front of your waist and slowly measure in from the bend of your elbow to the front of your hips. Use the measuring tape to get the exact measurement.

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