How to Find Your Favorite Pair of Black Pants

How to Find Your Favorite Pair of Black Pants?

So, sat down with eighteen fashionable women who pretty much live in black pants as an element of their professional wardrobe to help get the absolute best pair. The black pants craze is really hitting big this year. Expect to see a lot of black work pants at fashion shows, that’s for sure. Hopefully, at least one (or a few) of them will be the new workhorses in your wardrobe, allowing you to spend more time on the important things, rather than trying to decide what to wear the next day.

The co-founder of House of Dereon, Kate Middleton, was the lucky one to have parents who both had a great sense of fashion. This allowed Kate to get her first pair of black pants when she was eleven years old. That was back when high waist pants were considered “old school” and not really worth showing up to the office with. Today, Kate wears her dad’s classic khakis with a pair of her mother’s high waist pants and they look fantastic.

Another co-founder of House of Dereon, Jennifer Aniston, has a pair of black pants that are so low, she probably goes to a wedding dressed in them! Jennifer’s mother is also wearing a pair of the same, cropped pants that Jennifer has always wanted. These are some of the lucky ones who do not have to keep adjusting their pants over again. However, if Jennifer’s mother had chosen a pair of high-waist pants that were not cropped, like some of the ones that are offered by her mom and grandmother, Jennifer might never have gotten that great pair. In fact, Jennifer’s mother would probably have been upset that her daughter did not like the style as much as she did.

If you are in your thirties, you are lucky to be able to still wear some of the styles from your teenage years. You can choose some vintage looking pairs for your jeans collection, but if you are looking to add a few more pieces to your wardrobe, you might consider buying a pair of black pants. Not only will this add some color to your legs, but it will help to draw attention to your midsection as well. Black pants do not have to be just for the older generation.

A lot of people forget to include black pants in their wardrobes. Part of the reason for this may be that they feel like they are not as stylish as a pair of white jeans or other lighter-colored options. However, there are some styles of black pants that are actually less stylish than their lighter counterparts. When you are choosing a pair of black pants, you might consider choosing a pair that has a bit of color added on. For example, an old favorite of mine, a pair of blue jeans, can look cute paired with a black blouse or even on a baby.

When it comes to making a wardrobe complete, black pants can be one of the smartest ways to go about doing this. You do not have to sacrifice style to fit into your wardrobe. You may even find that wearing black pants will increase the amount of space in your closet as well. The great thing about adding a few pairs of black pants to your existing wardrobe is that they are not incredibly expensive. In fact, you may find that pairing up a pair of black pants with a white shirt or a blue blouse is the perfect way to stay comfortable and stylish all throughout the fall season.

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