How to Wear Capri Pants and Boots Correctly

How to Wear Capri Pants and Boots Correctly?

Capri pants, also known as short pants, are pants which are shorter than normal pants but are not as short shorts. There are several styles of Capri pants and designs from a variety of manufacturers. Capri short pants are usually worn by women working in offices or homes. Capri’s are comfortable and look good on any body type and shape. Capri pants may be a generic term for all short length slim fitting pants and occasionally used as a specific word to describe low cut pants that stop at the ankle.

In the warm weather you may want to wear a pair of capri pants to help make your legs look good. Short legged women who do not wish to show off their calves and legs often wear this style of pants. If you are wearing the pants for work then it will be important not to show them off with bare legs. When you are going out for an evening with friends then wearing a pair of this fashion pants can help give you a much better outfit. Wearing a pair of these pants with high-heeled shoes will make you look cute, sporty and confident.

When wearing these pants for casual occasions, your legs can appear much longer and slimmer. The reason for this is because the pants hug your body at the waist and your legs are revealed at the ankles. Capri’s with a straight leg or skinny jeans look particularly chic. You can get capri pants in many different styles and colors to suit the color of your skin and hair. If you have naturally curly hair then the darker hues of the color look wonderful on you. For straight thin legs, wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a white capri will give you a great and stylish look.

There are many different looks that can be achieved with these two pieces of clothing. Many people will team them with some simple heels and a classic jacket to complete their outfit. The colors that look good on many people are light ones like white or ivory which blend well with the lighter skin tones. The darker colors look very good on dark skins and even those with brunettes.

If you are looking for a very elegant look then you can team your sandals or flats with the capri pants for women. These look stunning with a plain clutch purse and classic heels. Your ankle boots can also be adorned with a few colorful beads to make them look very funky.

For those of you who want to wear capri pants for women in the office, you can tuck your skirt into the bottom portion. This makes your legs look shorter and your thighs look longer. You should remember to match the length of your skirt with your calf length shoes. If you do not want to cut your leg and get too short then you should go with some long length skirts. If you have shorter legs than the shorter shoes will give you the illusion of longer legs. Longer tops and high heel shoes are also very flattering to the leg lengths that you are looking for.

For the ladies that have larger sized legs, the capri pants for women have a slightly different style for them. The pants sit right at the ankle and the look is unflattering on the larger sized legs. There are three things that you can do to fix this problem. If you have a larger size inner knee, then you need to buy a pair of ankle boots that goes up to the mid-calf area. The flat parts of the inner pant leg will fall right through the boots.

The best option for women with larger sized legs is to purchase boot cut short length pants instead. Capri skirts and long length pants will hide the leg problem on the larger sized legs. With capri pants and shorts it is possible to cover up your legs and still look fashionable.

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