How to Wear Flare Pants

How to Wear Flare Pants?

Flare pants are also known as the Hawaiian style pants. There are several versions of the flares that one can choose from, so it is important to understand what you are looking for before purchasing them. These pants were created to have an airy appearance and provide a smooth and fluid look to one’s legs. They were first worn by American soldiers during World War I but later came back into fashion during the 1960’s.

One of the most common colors of flare pants is a dark blue color with a wide waistband that has an elastic on top. These pants are typically knee length and have either a white or blue stripe along the side of the waist band. Other than this, there are many other variations that one can choose from. These pants are most often paired with a white shirt that has a button up collar and a bright colored tie.

The next variation of the pant is the red pant. This is a short cut pant that has a button up front and blue or red stitching on the sides of the pant. These pants come in many different styles but are usually short and have large holes. Another popular variation of the flare pants is the black flare. These pants have an elastic waist, are usually knee length and feature either a blue or white stripe along the front of the waist band.

Flare pants are sometimes accompanied with a Hawaiian shirt that features a large Hawaiian print on the front. This print was created by American servicemen who fought in the Pacific theater. It features a large sunflower flower design and was created by artist William Clark.

The last variation of the flare pant is the orange flare. This is similar to the dark blue pant except it is shorter. This pant feature an elastic waist and a large black and white flag design. This pant comes with a wide leg area that also has a zipper in the front and an elastic band along the top.

Flare pants are fun and stylish pants that give the wearer a very modern look. If you are looking for a great pair of pants that will make your legs look amazing then you should definitely look into buying one of these pants.

Flare pants can be found at just about any retail store in the country and they are quite affordable as well. You should be able to find them in different sizes so that you will be able to pair them up with different outfits without having to buy a bunch of new ones.

The great thing about these pants is that they are so versatile. You will find that there is a perfect pair out there for every occasion.

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