MC Hammer Pants - Try These Hot Pants For a Cool Fashion Trend

MC Hammer Pants – Try These Hot Pants For a Cool Fashion Trend

Remember the amazing pants that MC Hammer once wore? Well, they came back into fashion recently. They were introduced by Jodie Whittaker for a music video for “Paparazzi.” The pants actually made an appearance on the red carpet for the music video and were worn by Hammer. They were designed by Don Ed Harder, who is the same person that designed Hammer’s famous board shorts.

: Have you ever seen MC Hammer pants before? They are actually called the “MC Hammer Ultra-Lazer Ironed Tops,” but don’t let that fool you – these are nothing like your average pair of sweatpants. Remember those super-short pants where MC Hammer wore all of the time? Now you can skip out of a plane and not have to worry about a parachute (another name for him).

: What is it about MC Hammer pants that make them so popular? They’re just a really cute look that people just can’t get enough of. Can you imagine the look on kids faces if they saw a big, thick kid wearing something like that? Some might even say “wow, this is a little close.” That’s exactly how people feel when they see MC Hammer pants.

: The thing is, MC Hammer has a full wardrobe of clothing to choose from, including a special line of “baggy pants” that are very similar to his parachute pants. Bags are a feature that every rap star has, and MC Hammer is no exception. These baggy pants come in many different colors and are actually more comfortable than you’d think. When you’re trying to look hip and square at the same time, you can’t go wrong with baggy pants. They’re something like the Cheetos of the rap world.

: So how do you wear these? MC Hammer is one guy who likes to go to the mall and try on shoes or dresses before he decides to buy them. If you wear baggy pants, you can make a fashion statement before you ever put on that dress, or pair of shoes. People will always be able to see your midsection, but you’ll have a great looking midsection to show off whenever you want.

: There are some other ways you can wear them, too. You can look like you’re going to the club tonight, or you could just wear them to the movies and act like you don’t care about what you’re doing. Whatever you do, just remember that people can tell when you’re nervous or not up to par. That’s why the pants are so baggy. They help you stand out in a good way. Everyone is drawn to the crazy people, the ones who do things that are out of the ordinary.

: Of course, it’s not impossible to pull off this look, if you’re trying to be subtle. You can wear your shirt tucked in when you wear the pants. This will draw even more attention to your midsection, which is what you’re going for. If you really want to wear your shirt tucked in, you can also do the MC Hammer knot. It’s a popular thing that people like to do, especially at certain events like concerts.

: There are plenty of ways you can wear the MC Hammer pants. You can wear them while you’re doing chores around the house, or you can wear them to the movies and have a movie night. Or you can even try to put them on during a date, when you know they’re not going to take you for a date. You just have to try to be creative in the ways you wear them.

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