Men's Gray Sweatpants Trends for the Spring

Men’s Gray Sweatpants Trends for the Spring

There are perhaps no better symbols in cyber-space than gray sweatpants. Gray sweat pants, of course, aren’t exactly sweat pants. They’re more like a gray-colored stretch T shirt. But on the internet, gray sweatpants really are the literal equivalent of a creeping wink between your digital hungry eyes. And why not just wink at someone?

Gray is an excellent color for revealing, body-hugging clothing items. It exudes a look of elegance and sophistication, which is definitely appealing to many women (and some men, too!). This year, for sure, you’ll see plenty of gray sweater tops and gray sweatpants to go with your basic black jeans, basic white tee shirt and basic khaki pants ensemble. In fact, you’ll probably want to make these items the focal point of your entire wardrobe. Because this year’s fashions seem to be leaning towards the raunchy and downright naughty!

So how do you get your hands on some gray sweatpants (not sweat pants, as you’re already aware)? You can do two things: Go to your local social media outlet and scream “WOW” right at them, or read the latest gossip blogs and click on your fingers for hours to come up with something new to report about on social media. Both options are popular for a reason. Social media is absolutely flooded with stories about people getting caught red-handed in various surreptitious activities. A person with a gray sweater top and gray sweatpants pants, however, has got to be in a different league altogether.

That’s because these types of pants, although they show off a certain ‘lady-like’ appeal to a certain degree, actually reveal a lot about a man’s true character. Take, for example, a guy who was caught shoplifting. If he were to wear gray sweatpants and a t-shirt to work, the coworker who discovers his theft (or lack thereof!) would quickly call the police, which may not solve the crime, depending on whether or not the store owner is going to file charges.

Likewise, if you were to find yourself in a secluded area of your home, that is off limits to the general public, and you find yourself sitting alone in your underwear (or worse, under your cover-up), you might very well have a meltdown and start crying, which will make for awkward company. That type of attention is generally not welcomed by anyone, especially when all you’ve got to wear are gray sweatpants and a thin, paper-based shirt. But if you show that you have the social skills to pull of a quality photo shoot or interview – without throwing a temper tantrum – you will be more likely to score an inside look at what life is like for the average Joe.

Gray sweatshirts and jeans also offer a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into a man’s psyche. For example, you might notice that you don’t really discuss your career progress in public; even with your closest friends. You may think you’re just being honest, but secretly you hope that someday you’ll be able to pop the big question and impress your date. Today, that dream can come true – but it starts with your Gray Sweatshirt, a staple of modern men’s fashion that offers them a chance to project an air of anonymity and nonchalance that no other wardrobe choice does.

So what type of photographer should you wear your gray sweat pants to? Good-looking guys in handsome suits will always get the most attention from women, as they say. Here are some top-notch styles for the fall:

You’ll be able to take advantage of all these advantages, if you pair your gray sweatpants with a good-fitting blazer, necktie, and shoes. The trick to looking good in your gray sweats is to always look sharp, but not overdone. Gray is a neutral color, so your ensemble can be either more casual or more dressy. For a more casual look, try a graphic tee paired with your gray sweatpants; for something dressier, pick a v-neck sweater with a gray blazer. Complete the look with dark jeans and classic loafers, and you’ve got the makings of a sophisticated winter look!

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