Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans
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Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans

It has been more than a decade since the introduction of plus size jeans. These garments have been around for so long because of the power the fashion industry has had on women’s clothing trends. The plus size market has remained relatively stagnant throughout the years because no one new was able to take off the popularity of the fad diets that were popular in the eighties and nineties. At the height of the fad, there was a mini-industry devoted to selling off a variety of designer plus size jeans that were all the rage among teenage girls and young women at the time. The fad proved to be short lived when the weight loss craze hit the big leagues and eventually the plus size jeans that were so hot became out of vogue.

There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of plus size jeans. This has happened partly due to the fact that designers are recognizing the market for women who do not have the “in” thing for the skinny jeans, boot cut, and low rise that were all the rage just a few short years ago. Now, the focus is on the flare that makes these garments so appealing. Women who do not have perfect figures can now carry off jeans that have a flared waistband in a way that will make them look as though they have dropped a few pounds.

One of the things that are driving the trend in plus size jeans is the silhouette that they create. Women with hourglass figures will typically wear jeans that are straight or slightly tapered. Women who have more of a banana shape will look good in boot cut styles that come down to the ankle. In addition to the silhouette that jeans create, some designers are using other materials and cuts in order to make the wearer appear to have added shapely bits and pieces.

One of the most common ways to create a plus size jeans silhouette is to use denim fabrics. Although many of the jeans on the market today are made from spandex or lycra, which are stretchy and less likely to bunch up around the midsection, there are still some women who prefer the denim silhouette. A pair of blue jeans is often complemented by a white t-shirt and dark denim jacket. For women who have the hourglass physique, this combination looks particularly nice.

Another option for plus size jeans that creates a visual elongated silhouette is the boot cut. Boot cut jeans are also made from a light denim fabric, but they are boot cut all the way down to the ankle. They are often accompanied by a white or black long-sleeved shirt that has a good fit. A pair of jeans with a high waistband is a good option for women who want to camouflage a tummy bulge or who need extra room below the hips. These pants help you make it look like you have added height.

Finally, some designer plus size jeans that are meant to be form fitting are called skinny jeans. A skinny cut with an open toe lends itself to a variety of looks. For instance, a tight fitting, skinny jeans with a high rise can create an illusion of a slimmer frame, while a slightly looser fit and a stretchy elastic waistband gives it the appearance of a longer torso. There are a number of ways to wear these, but they all have one thing in common: high rise means a higher waistband.

It’s important to choose plus size jeans that are a good fit. They should feel loose throughout and not be constricting. A good fit jeans should have a good amount of stretch so that when you walk it takes the form of your body. The more stretchy elastic waistband, the better. Just remember not to get too much if you’re trying to hide any flaws.

No matter what style you choose, remember to choose flattering styles that will flatter your shape. It doesn’t matter what you look like, short or tall, full or low-cut, long or lean, you’ll look great in any number of plus size boyfriend jeans styles. With some careful thought, you’ll be confident and know that you’ll look sexy in your gorgeous designer jeans.

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