Wearing Wide Leg Pants With the Right Top

Wearing Wide Leg Pants With the Right Top

Wide-leg pants, colloquially known as baggy pants, have been a very popular style of fashionable clothing in the early 1990s through the mid to late 2000s. They became especially popular with the people who lived near the beach because they were extremely comfortable to be out in the sand while having plenty of room to move around. In addition to that, they also made it easy for surfers to move from one wave to another without getting seasick. The quintessential logo of “hip-hop-style” wide leg pants comes from the famous Los Angeles-based JNCO brand, but many other youth and even ethnic-oriented clothing brands also manufacture them.

For a casual summer outfit, pair your wide leg pants with a short-sleeved jersey shirt and v-neck sweater or a long-sleeve cardigan. For a beach day out in the ocean, pair your outfit with a pair of shorts and flip-flops. You can also opt to get more dressy by wearing a dressy blouse under your shirt and a pair of heels. Pairing your outfit with sandals is also another great option; make sure you have a good pair of sandals to go with it. If you do decide to wear sandals, make sure they are very comfortable so you won’t end up getting blisters on your feet.

Another way to create an outfit that is similar to that of a California beach look is to add a pair of high heel pumps. For this look, you’ll only need a pair of black high heel pumps, black skinny jeans (no box cut please), a white tank top, and a pair of sky blue or brown straps. For the high heel pumps, you’ll want to wear your skinny jeans with a lot of room at the top. And for the tank top, you’ll want to wear one that has rouching and a bit of a flared skirt to recreate the sandal look.

One of the latest trends to come along this summer is the return of the classic bell bottoms. For years, bell bottoms were almost always paired with denim skirts, but this trend has created a whole new look where bell bottoms are worn as separates. This look gives the wide leg pants a bit of a boho-chic vibe without sacrificing comfort. To achieve this look, find a pair of bell-bottom shoes that have a wedge or peek out design to them, and also choose a top that is a little bit thicker than you would usually wear.

Of course, no outfit is complete without a pair of wide leg pants. So when shopping, you might also want to consider adding other pieces of stylish clothing with these same wide pants to give your outfit the wow factor. For instance, a lovely pair of skinny jeans and a simple tank top are excellent for a casual beach day. But you can also wear a pair of high cut strappy sandals with a pair of skinny jeans for a night out on the town. In addition to using other styles of footwear with your wide pants, you can also add accessories like belts and sunglasses.

The key to wearing these types of pants in the summer is to match them with flattering tops and choose a few pairs that have contrasting colors or are patterned in contrast colors so that they don’t stand out too much. This will keep things from getting out of hand and creating an unflattering and complicated look. Plus, it’s really important to remember that these pieces of apparel are meant to be comfortable and loose. Don’t get yourself into a bind by wearing something that is too tight because that is never a good thing.

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