White Pants For Women Is Back in Style

White Pants For Women Is Back in Style

“White pants for women are not what they used to be,” declares a fashion consultant. “It used to be that they were all boring, forgettable pants that you couldn’t stand the look of when out in public.” The fashion consultant is not exaggerating. Actually, white pants for women are rarely seen out and about except at work.

White pants for women can be very chic, a sharp, crisp, minimal nod to springtime and carefree days yet to come. However, for the average shopping shopper, they can be very intimidating, she warned. A white tight can look good on some, but just a bulky, straight-legged cut, like a bootcut or flared culottes, usually work best for most body shapes, she said.

Shopping for white pants for women involves finding the right fit, which is the hardest part. The next is choosing the fabric and pattern. “A great option is a tailored, narrow pant with a wide-leg crop,” said the expert picker. “It makes you feel confident and sexy, but there’s still enough room around the legs to flatter your curves.”

Another option is a loose white pants for women with a flared leg or flared boot cut. “There’s just something irresistibly sexy about those boot-cut pants,” said Nicole Miller, director of fashion at Lane Bryant in New York City. “The way they fit your calves and thighs, while providing generous coverage around your middle, is truly an attention getter.” Cropped skinny jeans is another option for women with a smaller calf and thigh, as the trim and straight lines of a cropped boot cut look especially good on those shaped like hips.

If you’re looking for a tighter fit, you might consider trying those stretchy white pants for women with a wide-leg or wide-foot silhouette. “Narrow fit pants work really well with those sweet summer skirts,” said the fashion expert. “Or try a long-leg fit with a long skirt or dress.” But do remember to choose your top with care: “The only rule is to choose the top that flatters your legs without making them stick out.” The Trina Turk jeans, with their patented slouchy fit, are a standout choice among designers. Plus, look for a high-waist and a comfortable, if not see-through, waistband.

And what about those sleek summer skinny jeans? How about the tapered Jean with a wide-leg crop? “The slimming effect of a tapered Jean is really important, especially when combined with a stylish upper part,” said the fashion guru. “Chances are, you’ll look fantastic with either a skinny jeans with a wide-leg crop or a cropped white t-shirt with a wide-leg crop.” However, there are a few things to watch out for when mixing tapered jeans with a wide-leg crop.

A big plus for the white shade of the everlane is its slimming effect. “You could wear a white crop pant with an overland top, for example, and pair it with skinny jeans with a square torso, for a casual summer look,” said the style guru. “Just make sure that your shirt doesn’t have a high neckline and stay away from knee-high t-shirts.” And don’t forget: “Jacket or blouse, always dress with confidence.”

White pants for women can also work as summertime coverups for those off-putting tee shirts, and white pants for women are also great options for women who are working-it’s difficult to find pants that fit perfectly when you’re wearing a short-sleeved shirt under a button-down shirt, or if you’re carrying a baggy tee-shirt and jeans – but don’t worry! “The great thing about white pants for women is that they’re extremely versatile, so you don’t have to be afraid of mixing and matching your outfit,” said Sandler. “Jenna Jameson brought a chic, sophisticated, yet cool look with her black skinny jeans and layered tee top, but it looks just as good in black jeans as it does in white. You could also take a long-sleeved shirt, add some flats, and accessorize with a chunky crystal bracelet or some beaded jewelry.”

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